Kay Johnston - Trainer, Coach and Counsellor

I studied to become a counsellor whilst working full time as a Distribution Centre Manager. I attended college in the evenings for three years and I volunteered at weekend to complete the 100 hours of face to face counselling needed to qualify. 

For 20 years I worked as a senior manager. During this time I witnessed colleagues struggling to cope with the trials and tribulations of work and personal life.


I have suffered from stress and anxiety caused by work pressure and family issues. I am very aware of how anxiety can affect someone's life. 


I have worked with a diverse group of individuals and have  found myself using coaching and counselling skills to help them get through challenging times in their lives. I enjoy helping others and always have tried to make time for people when they need support.


Karma Minds offers training, coaching and counselling to help individuals work through their own specific problems in their own time and space.

Karma Minds provides support therapy for clients needing more intensive support in the community. Helping people to gain confidence, life skills and support for living with a mental illness. 

I was appointed a Mental Health Ambassador in 2020 on behalf of England Athletic. I enjoy this voluntary role in which I support my local running club the Ossy Joggers and help give guidance and advice at a national level.

If you would like to talk to me about your requirements, please call 07512 477046. Or send me an email at karmamindsinfo@gmail.com.