• Kay Johnston

You’re Well Worth It

Common comments which are prevalent when finishing a counselling relationship can be:

· “I wish I had done this sooner”.

· “Its been good taking the time just to talk about me”

· “Its been worth the effort”

When thinking about booking a counselling session why is it that people hold back and question whether it is worth the investment and time?

Yes, there is cost associated to therapy, but when we compare it to other items we buy it is much better value for money. Unlike a new pair of trainers or a false tan and a new set of nails, the benefits of counselling can last a lifetime.

My first experience of counselling came when I had been struggling with post-natal depressions for a long period of time. I was sceptical about the benefits and it didn’t help that people close to me suggested; can’t you just talk to me.

I went to 10 sessions of counselling and I honest can say it transformed my life and my relationship with my young family. I found it so useful in terms of expressing how I was feeling and talking openly and honestly without the fear of being judged or being talked about behind my back.

After struggling for such a long time, I found the experience so very helpful. I remember saying to my counsellor at the end of my ten sessions; “what do I do if this happens again?”

She said, “you will never get to this point again because you will recognise it before it happens, and you will take action”.

I didn’t altogether believe this statement. However, I found out many years later that she was right.

Last year I teetered on the edge of a downward spiral for a good few months. However, I didn’t hit rock bottom. I kept bouncing back and I attribute this to what I learnt years earlier in my first set of counselling.

I understood and was prepared to recognise how I was feeling. I felt comfortable going to ask for help and support fast, I didn’t hang about. I saw my doctor, my counsellor and confided in those very close to me. But mostly importantly I kept going. Even when I had the darkest days. I used the tools and techniques I have learnt over the years to improve my mood and battled through negative emotions.

I realised, and I understood that what was happening to me was very normal and would pass. I just needed to process everything that was going on and it would take me time to do this.

If I hadn’t had the counselling experience, then the outcome could have been much different. The time and money I have invested in counselling has been one of the best investments I have ever made.

Talking to a friend recently who has been experiencing a really bad time. They believe that had they not had counselling in the past then they wouldn’t now have had the tools to cope as well with their current situation. Counselling doesn’t solve everything, but it enables you to make sense of what’s going on, to normalise your feeling and create your own action plan when you are able to.

Ask yourself how often are you truly listened to, without being given advice, being judged and being confident that the listener won’t share what you’ve said to anyone else?

A counselling session is purely your time and your space. I work in with person-centred approach and I believe that everyone can fix themselves given time and a safe working space. People just need to be given the right environment and work at their own speed to work through their own issues.

If you have unresolved issues, if you are unhappy, stressed, anxious, depressed, need to talk things through invest in your future now. Book a counselling a session, you’re well worth it and it will pay you back for a lifetime.

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